Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Citoz Lagi....?

malam mingguan pada jomblo ya begini nih, kerjaanya, cuma ngerumpi mulu,,,

Saturday, November 15, 2008


pada kenapa nih orang?

Anggun 20th World Music Awards -Performance & Press room November 09, 2008 x10

wow. Look at anggun photos during her performance of ‘no stress’ with Laurent Wolf, who, btw just snagged world music awards’s World Best DJ trophy. She’s glowing with happiness I guess. Congratulation.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Anggun - Elevation (Full Album 2008) French Album

Product Description

French pressing of the 2008 album from the Indonesian Pop princess. Produced by Tefa & Masta, Elevation includes some international collaborations including one with Pras (The Fugees). Anggun was born in Jakarta and became the most popular artist in Indonesia by the time she had reached 17. She then moved to Europe and began working with hit producers and songwriters, achieving even greater success. Warner.

Track List:
1. J'ignorais Tout (feat. Sinik) (04:19)
2. Si tu l'avoues (04:23)
3. Hymne à la Vie (04:23)
4. Rien à écrire (04:13)
5. Le Bluffeur (interlude) (00:23)
6. Si Je T'emmène (feat. Pras Michel)(03:39)
7. Plus Forte (feat. Big Ali) (03:32)
8. Cette Nuit (03:42)
9. Tentation (03:17)
10. Le Temps Perdu (03:28)
11. Est-Ce Un Hasard ? (03:42)
12. Selamat Tidur (interlude) (00:41)
13. Eden In Her Eyes (04:32)
14. Un Jour Sur Terre (03:47)