Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sum 41; Jakarta Live in Concert

The ‘Sum 41 Live in Concert’ was begun on 20.30 WIB (west Indonesian time) at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. This concert was one of the promotion tours of their new album “Underclass Hero”.

The concert was opened with their new song. Deryck Whibley always made some noises to attract the audiences that looked not really boomed, as there were only about 1000 audiences came to the concert.

Their song entitled ‘Machine Gun’ was performed successfully, even Deryck played peculiar dance “jaipongan”. Firstly, he just spanned his hand to stop the music, but then he began to dance in the short time. Not only peculiar dancing, Deryck also dance like Elvis Presley, wore the shawl, sunglasses, like Presley’s.

In this concert, Deryck Whibley (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Cone McCaslin (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Steve Jocz (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and also Thomas Thacker on Lead guitar, Keyboards, Backing vocals (touring member) performed 18 songs, including their popular song ‘In To Deep’.

Reaching the end of the concert, just before the last song, they change the stage’s background with the spooky logo and Deryck change the position as the drummer. And the show was end on 22.00 WIB.

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