Saturday, January 12, 2008


Mikrolet are mini buses which operate on fixed routes. They carry six to eight passengers and charges per person vary with the distance. The fare of this publlic vehicle is 1000 Rupiahs for minimum and 4000 Rupiahs for maximum. Never pay more than 4000 Rupiahs. Dont forget to pay attention on your pockets and wallet. Put them in your bag and always put it touching your body. Never let anything misdirects you. Never trust anyone (bad guys usually pretending to puke or sick or get kram leg or giving you massage service). They are all fake. Snap the ceiling twice with your finger or your nail to stop or by saying "kiri" (pronounced 'kee ree'). It means left (vehicles in Jakarta always stop on the left side). It is much better not to sit too far from door because it is difficult to get out when the car is fully loaded.

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